Tara Banatwala


@Studio Rodrigo @Landor 

Carnegie Mellon Class of ‘24
School of Design

Selected Projects      

+ explorations

1/Pushkar Camel Fair

A proposed identity for the Worlds Biggest Camel Fair to represent a bilingual audience. 

Projects done during my time working for Brooklyn based design studio. 

A self-started initiative creating CMU’s first thrift store with a mission for reuse, crafts and playful design.

4/Design Hero

A multimedia project to commemmorate the work 
of the 93 year old Japanese Designer Kazumasa Nagai.


5/How To Guide

A book written by me, about my anxious thoughts and worries.  


6/Kew Gardens

Rethinking visitor flows as a way of decolonizing the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens in London.

2 months
Experience Designer
Christy Zo, Hannah Lesser
Spring 2023

Our project rethinks the user experience in the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens to place emphasis on educating its visitors about its colonial past and the impact of its botanical exploitation.

Plants in the Kew were collected and taken unfairly from their origins through the colonizing power. With a spirit of consent, we structured our system so visitors collect the plants through learning about their origins and thus “bring them home”.
The re(solution) walk symbolizes the clarity and understanding the visitor gains as they move along their path.

Pixelation and censorship move into depth and transparency, from an informational journey to celebratory finale.

Thank you to Kelsey Elder who taught this studio and provided valuable feedback and support.